Altus High Performance Program

  • Trinity Forest Golf Club | Dallas
  • Old American Golf Club | Frisco

This is a high performance program for players with the vision and commitment to work toward excellence at the highest levels. The highly customizable program aims to provide a roadmap to families with long-term goal orientation to support their athlete in the pursuit of their dreams. Candidates will be accepted through an application process designed to help Altus identify athletes and families whose visions and values are in close alignment with the Altus ethos.

Based on an initial evaluation, a unique Performance Plan will be developed for each athlete that plans out goals, critical performance metrics, and a custom playing/training schedule. In addition to private coaching, players will be paired up in complementary training teams for weekly group training sessions to be organized and supervised by the Altus coaching staff.

Cornerstones of the Altus High Performance Golf Program

Long Term Plan
Governed by athlete’s current performance and end goal orientation.
Performance Analytics
Ongoing critical skill evaluation from practice and competitive rounds using game analysis software.
Strength & Conditioning
Each athlete is closely monitored to ensure that their training aligns with their physiological stage of development.
Performance Coaching
Eliciting the development of ‘the skills you can’t see’. Playing strategies, Pre-event game planning, Post event debriefing and review, Psychology of performance.
Competitive schedule planning and development of skills training plans to fit the competitive calendar.
Collegiate Recruitment
We guide the athlete and parents through the recruitment process to the end of securing a collegiate team spot.
Equipment Optimization
All athletes are supported by industry leading fitting support to ensure their equipment enhances their on-course performance.
Support in Competition
Event observation is critical to accurate evaluation and continued skill development as such a recommended competitive schedule must be adhered to; as coaches will be in attendance.

Altus Anywhere


Remote coaching for students across the globe. A variety of services are available for high performing youth, collegiate, or professional players. All services are à la carte and priced at normal coaching rates.

Service Offerings:

  • General Skill/Game Development Coaching Programming with Altus Staff
  • Trackman Evaluation
  • 3D Biomechanics Evaluation
  • Swing Catalyst Evaluation
  • SAM PuttLab Testing
  • Equipment Optimization
  • Sports Psychology
  • Strength and Conditioning Programming
  • Performance + Career Consultation - Performance Evaluation
  • Competitive Schedule + Training Plan Development

The Foundation Program

  • Trinity Forest Golf Club | Dallas
  • Old American | Frisco

A developmental program offering weekly 90-minute group instruction classes. The developmental program runs for 12 weeks and is offered two times/year running in conjunction with school semesters.



This program is designed for the beginner to novice participant (aged 5 to 9 years old) interested in sampling golf as a sport. The program goals reside in developing a love for the game shared with peers in a group setting using holistic coaching methods emphasizing game play as the mechanism for skill development.

Players can remain in this program multiple sessions as the program includes skills testing and progression within each 12-week cycle. Graduation from this program: Decided based on 1/ Skill development 2/ Students participation desires 3/ Time commitments.

Program covers sport specific skill development while also developing fundamental movement skills and physical proficiency. On course activity and fundamental golf knowledge will be covered in this program.

Players are involved in 6 hours of coaching/month.

The Aspire Program


This program is designed for the player (aged 10–16 years old) making the step into competitive golf.

The curriculum will introduce the athlete to more advanced training principles and introductory level competition. Weekly classes are offered year-round, with each 90-minute session offering a variety of skill development tasks designed specifically with the new competitor in mind.

Private Instruction


Private instruction and on-course coaching will be offered to fit the needs of clients in desire of this type of service.

Altus Combines


A compressed version of our yearlong High Performance Training Program designed for the athletes that are traveling to Dallas to receive periodic access to Altus coaching services.


Aspire Combines-- June 20-22, July 26-28

High Performance Combines-- March 30-April 1, June 6-8, July 11-13

Combines are typically a week long, but can be customized to meet the unique needs of our out-of-town clients.  Activities include private instruction focusing on technical improvements, group sessions with an emphasis on skill development, along with on-course coaching and competition.  Long term performance plans, training design, and continued correspondence upon completion of the Combine offer additional, extended benefits to clients taking advantage of this unique offering.