The Latin meaning of ‘Altus’ is to raise or to elevate higher
This is the driving philosophy behind everything that we do.

Altus Performance was created to bring together coaches and athletes who are bound by this shared quest for continuous development and improvement – to constantly raise and elevate performance.

Within our interdisciplinary team of coaches – we value creativity, initiative, and a disruptive spirit that is compelled to innovate and drive the industry forward. We are a group of individuals creating ripples on the terrain of athletic performance. With the collective effort, we turn ripples into mountains, altering the landscape of sport and serving as an agent of change for the better.

In our athletes – we value desire, purpose, tenacity, and an unwavering willingness to contribute to a tribe where all involved build the culture of GREAT.

This is the common purpose that bonds our efforts with the athletes that we are so fortunate to serve. If this should align with your identity and beliefs, we’d love for you to join the Altus team.